Participated in the farmers meeting organized in the area of Sri Sri Gyankshetra Kendra on behalf of The Art of Living organization at Watur in Jalna district and interacted with the farmers. Speaking on the occasion, he said that the Jaltara water conservation project implemented in Watur through the Art of Living organization is an intimate issue that leads the farmers to village prosperity.

JalTara is a major relief project for the dry land farmers of Jalna district and it was announced that it will be included in the Jalyukta Shiwar Yojana.

The government is committed to provide necessary concessions to the farmers to make them happy. Many MoUs have been signed in Davos to bring many industries to the state. It was also mentioned on the occasion that it has been decided to restart the Marathwada water grid to provide relief to the farmers of Marathwada.

On this occasion founder of The Art of Living Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Industries Minister Uday Samant, Former Minister Arjun Khotkar and all the major officials working on The Art of Living JalTara Project and farmers were present in large numbers.

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