The Art of Living Corporate Programs

Corporate Solutions: Achieving Success Together
Benefited over 500,000 employees in 600+ companies across 30+ countries and still counting.

For more than 25 years, Art of Living Corporate Programs has fostered workplace excellence and development of leadership qualities for over 300,000 individuals spanning across 50 countries. By focusing on the individual, our programs provide an array of resources aimed at achieving both personal and professional excellence. The intention is to enhance productivity, foster stronger connections within teams and the organization, leading to an intrinsic motivation, innovation, and enthusiasm in the workplace.

The belief underlying these programs is that when transformation originates from self-mastery and establishing genuine social connections, it unleashes the untapped capabilities present within each person. In this approach, a relaxed, serene and focused mental state naturally stimulates the emergence of imagination, intuition, and creativity.

Programs are available for individuals and organisations in both online and offline formats. The benefit of our programs extends beyond immediate professional gains to encompass long-term success.

Quote Picture A true leader sets the standard for their team by embodying the values and principles they wish to instill.Quote Picture

- Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Quote Picture Our first and foremost commitment is to do seva (service) in the world.
When you make service your sole purpose in life;
it eliminates fear, brings focus in our mind, purposefulness
in action and long term joy.Quote Picture

- Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

How will you benefit?

Inspirational Leadership Skills

Heightened Levels of Innovation

Deepened Access to Intuition

Improved People Management Skills

Sharpened Communication Skills

Better Emotional Intelligence

Gain Self-Mastery

Master Work-Life Integration

Who should do it

We offer tailored programs for individuals and corporations. Whether you seek a brief 90-minute intervention or a comprehensive transformative program, our portfolio provides diverse solutions.

For individuals aspiring to advance their careers, foster personal growth, or acquire new knowledge, our programs are designed to meet varied needs across different endeavors.

Organizations aiming to enhance leadership skills or the well-being of their workforce can find suitable programs within our portfolio. Additionally, our programs are flexible and can be customized to meet unique organizational requirements.

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